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Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid

In a lasting collaboration with CCV, a Dutch governmental body, Cinevision has crafted e-learning tools and explainer videos. Our creations serve to bolster municipal defenses against criminal activity and protect vital data systems.

CCV's Digital Safeguard: E-Learning for Data Protection

The digital age comes with its array of threats, and municipalities need robust defenses. In our long-standing partnership with CCV, part of the Netherlands government, Cinevision proudly developed over 20 e-learning videos. These videos educate municipalities on fortifying their data systems, ensuring they are well-equipped against cyber threats. This is a testament to the synergy of governmental foresight and our expertise.

Shedding Light on Crime Prevention Measures

Crime is an ever-evolving challenge, and preventive measures are the first line of defense. With CCV's initiatives that span across the Netherlands, Cinevision took on the role of creating explainer videos. Collaborating with various institutions, these videos provide a clear picture of the strategies in place against criminal activities. They not only inform but also emphasize the collective efforts of municipalities and institutions in ensuring safer cities.

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