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David N'Guessan documentary

Cinevision presents the inspiring journey of David N'Guessan, tracing his roots from Lokomotief to shining at Kansas State University. Filmed in the echoing halls of a basketball stadium, this documentary aims to capture the heart of his story, with hopes of catching the eye of NBA scouts.

On the Court with David N'Guessan

David N'Guessan's basketball journey is nothing short of inspiring. From his beginnings at Lokomotief to his pivotal moments at Kansas State University, every dribble tells a story. Cinevision had the privilege of capturing this narrative, with the basketball stadium providing a grand backdrop for David's intimate interview. The documentary not only reflects his dedication but hopes to serve as a beacon for his NBA aspirations.

Stadium Echoes: David's Basketball Odyssey

There's a profound story behind every athlete, and David N'Guessan's tale is one of determination and passion. As he recounted his transformative journey from Lokomotief's courts to Kansas State University's arenas, Cinevision was there, capturing every word and emotion. Filmed within the confines of a vast basketball stadium, this documentary aims to resonate with basketball enthusiasts and, with hope, NBA scouts keen on spotting raw talent.

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